Male or female…..

Ever wonder if your crab is a male or a female? Well I am going to tell how to tell the difference. Most guides tell you that you can’t tell the difference between a male and female but I’m pretty sure their wrong. The only way is to find a female. A female hermit crab has two things that a male doesn’t. Here’s how to tell a male and female apart:

The best way to look to see if the crab is a male or female to put it in luke warm water for a few seconds, now if you can get your crab to hang out of its shell a little bit to where you can see all its walking legs–then your ready. Now look at its first pair of walking legs (the ones at the top) there on each part where the legs join the body. Look for a small pore or hole these are where the male puts its breeding organ into the female so the male can fertilize the eggs. If you see them then congratulations, I do believe that your crab is a female!

Another sign which is harder to see are weird hair like things on the hermit crabs tail. I’m guessing those hairy things are how the female holds on to all its eggs. But the thing is those are usually hidden inside the shell it wheres so the best time to see those is to wait in tell it’s out of its shell or when it dies, and I’m pretty sure that only older females that are ready to bred have them. Male’s have none of those things so males are easy to recognize. Well that’s how to tell male and female apart. But it doesn’t really matter if your crab is a male or female and they don’t care being named Bob or Mike if your crab is a female, males don’t even care being named Sally or Kate. Like I said don’t bother trying to figure out if it’s a male or female just enjoy your crab know matter what it is. Also hermit crabs can’t breed in captivity and its almost impossible to breed them, so don’t waste your time trying to breed them and enjoy your crabs.



3 Responses to Gender

  1. Auntie Emily says:


  2. Isabelle says:

    The hairs havent been proven yet

  3. Fuzzywuzzycrabby says:

    Ok the guy saying all this stuff about hermit crabs sounds like he doesn’t have very good punctuation. For all I know it could just be some kid saying stuff about hermit crabs. Let me just make this clear: You have to get the crab far enough out of his shell that you can see all his legs and then look under him/her to see if there are any gonospores (small holes) on the crab’s stomach. (There should be two holes on the back walking legs where the leg and stomach meet if I’m accurate). And Idk the thing about the crab hair might just be true, so I won’t say anything about it! But just don’t take this webpage too seriously. 🐚

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